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Status: new
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Function Syntax

string str:decode-uri(string, string)

The str:decode-uri function returns its first argument string with URI escape sequences, as described in [RFC 2396] section 2.4.1, converted back to the characters they represent.

The optional second argument to the function supplies a character encoding name, which can be given case-insensitively, and should be listed in [Charsets]. If the named encoding is supported by the function implementation, then it is used as the basis for interpreting the octet sequences obtained when unescaping non-ASCII characters. UTF-8 is the default encoding, and is the only encoding required to be supported by this function. If the encoding is given as an empty string or is not supported, then an empty string is returned. If the encoding is supported, but an escaped octet sequence in the string cannot be decoded to a character in that encoding, then the sequence is ignored.


http://www.example.com/my résumé.html

http://www.example.com/my résumé.html if the implementation supports iso-8859-1.

An implementation of this extension function in the EXSLT str namespace must conform to the behaviour described in this document.


Built-in support for str:decode-uri is available in the following XSLT processors:

ProcessorProcessor VersionImplemented Version
4XSLT, from 4Suite.0.12.0a31

The following implementations of str:decode-uri are available:

LanguageImplemented VersionCreatorDateDownload
Javascript1Chris Bayes2001-06-26str.decode-uri.js
Msxsl1Chris Bayes2001-06-26str.decode-uri.msxsl.xsl

Change History

Previous Version: str.decode-uri.1.html

22002-12-02Mike Brown

Updated the function syntax to include information on [RFC 2396] and character encoding.

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