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Version: 1
Status: implemented
User Page: index.html
XML Definition: math.atan2.xml
Function Package: math.atan2.zip

Function Syntax

number math:atan2(number, number)

The math:atan2 function returns the angle ( in radians ) from the X axis to a point (y,x).

Value1 is a number argument cooresponding to y of point (y,x).

Value2 is a number argument cooresponding to x of point (y,x).

An implementation of this extension function in the EXSLT math namespace must conform to the behaviour described in this document.


Built-in support for math:atan2 is available in the following XSLT processors:

ProcessorProcessor VersionImplemented Version
4XSLT, from 4Suite.0.12.0a31
libxslt from Daniel Veillard et al.1.0.191

The following implementations of math:atan2 are available:

LanguageImplemented VersionCreatorDateDownload
Msxsl1James Fuller2001-06-16math.atan2.msxsl.xsl
Javascript1James Fuller2001-06-16math.atan2.js

Change History

Submitted: 2001-06-16
Creator: James Fuller(http://www.ruminate.co.uk)

Returns the atan2 value of the passed arguments in radians.
1.12002-08-21Craig Stewart

Added 4XSLT and libxslt implementation to the list.

1.22002-11-12Craig Stewart

Updated 4XSLT version to 0.12.0a3.

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